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Create your own Fashion...

With a Global Pandemic holding us hostage since 2020, many people have taken the opportunity to get into all sorts of crafts, DIY projects and learning new things. With so many options out there, I decided to take on a little project which is something I enjoy doing. Oh so many years ago while in college, I tackled a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising, which gave me the opportunity to also Design and Create clothing. I shied away from this field upon return to The Bahamas, however it was always something I enjoyed.

Having to endure a Global Pandemic, and being "locked down" I was able to delve into my creative processes once again. At first, I learned to create "surface designs" of my artwork. With baby steps, I tip toed into the Print on Demand products and have finally evolved into creating my own fabric designs which are printed by a company outside of the Bahamas (eventually I would like to be able to print locally as well).

This past month, I decided to step out of my "comfort zone" and purchase some of my fabric designs. The fabric I chose for this piece was Organic Sweet Pea Guaze Fabric. The neck and sleeve fabric was Performance Piqué. I then made a pattern for the Beach Cover up from a Beach Cover Up that I owned. The end result was my Poinciana Beach Cover Up. This project was quite simple and straight forward for a novice seamstress to take on. (also great at bringing luck for catching fish 😃 )

For anyone interested in doing their own projects with my fabric designs contact me through chat or by email at

Keep your eyes peeled for more novice sewing projects!

Poinciana Beach Cover Up

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